Unlocking Your Passion For The Glory of God” by Pastor Paul Adefarasin

Unlocking Your Passion For The Glory of God” by Pastor Paul Adefarasin

“Unlocking Your Passion For The Glory of God” is a message by Senior Pastor of House on The Rock Church, Pastor Paul Adefarasin in his “Something is about to happen” series.

The root of all evil is to prefer anything else above God

The root is always different from the fruit and there can be no fruit unless there is a root. The fruit springs from the root and until you understand what the root of all evil is, you will diminish the glory of God in your understanding in life. The root of all evil is to lose your appetite and passion for God. It is to desire something more than you desire God. When God is no longer the passion of your life, it means other things have taken his place and has buried your desire for him. The root of all evil is to prefer anything else above God.

Your Desire for God

To be lost from God is the greatest punishment any man can have. Devil’s intention at the garden of Eden was to rob the man and woman of their passion for God. The moment Eve started to doubt that God was true and gracious, she began to believe that God has all this exciting stuff but he’s trying to withhold it from her. So she deems him wicked, untruthful and a liar. And she began to look for something else that will delight her. Cars, houses, money, a good spouse, great children, honour, fulfilment are all good things and they are given by God but the moment you desire them more than God, you have lost your desire for God.  Eve switched from desiring God to listening to the enemy and desiring the things that are not for her to enjoy.

Finding Happiness

At the garden of Eden, eating the forbidden fruit is not the root of all evil. The root of all evil is that Adam and Eve desired the fruit, that was forbidden more than they desired God. Anything you desire, you will believe and are likely to trust and repose a lot of confidence in. You are designed to be most fulfilled only in the glory of God. You cannot find happiness in anything else, you’d only find it in the glory of God. Behind the scenes, many are broken and hurting, looking for another fix that will give them a glory that only God’s personal attendants to their life can ever give.

Your Desire

When Jesus said all have sinned and come short of the glory of God what he’s saying to us is that we have fallen short of treasuring God’s glory above material things. If you treasure anything above God, you have fallen short of the glory. Sooner than later, you will feel naked and empty. But if you get the glory, everything in you will work brilliantly well to produce more desire for God and God will produce more glory in your life. In Romans Chapter one, the root of all evil is falling short of desiring the glory of God.

God’s Greatness

God gets you to do good things by causing you to fall deeply in love with him and then good things will come naturally to you. The greatness of God’s glory is never magnified by the keeping of commandments. You cannot reduce God’s glory to deeds of righteousness. It is the passion for the glory that produces the deeds of righteousness but deeds themselves without a passion for God can never magnify God’s glory. That means you can keep commandments and still love things more than you love God.


Watch the full sermon by Pastor Paul Adefarasin and learn what it means to unlock your passion for the glory of God.

About Pastor Paul Adefarasin:

From his mother’s living room in Lagos, Paul Adefarasin established House On The Rock Church in 1994 with just a few attendees. Proof of his calling is that the living room church has blossomed into a Ministry that has over 50 daughter churches in Africa and Europe. A well-known mentee of Bishop T.D. Jakes, Pastor Paul has been fervent in his message of hope to the world and especially the African continent where he resides. He is also the Founder and President of the Rock Foundation; a charity based Organization committed to social reformation, education, provision of healthcare and relief work for ex-convicts, drug addicts, and the downtrodden and disadvantaged in Nigeria and West Africa.

Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s capacity to teach, speak and preach from a personal and theological platform has strengthened and encouraged people all over the world. The Ministry promotes reconciliation, redemption and reformation cutting across denominational and social divides. He has a burning passion for seeing the rehabilitation of his generation, his nation and his continent.

Pastor Paul has been happily married to pastor Ifeanyi since 1995.

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