The Holes in LP The Whiskey Lady’s Rape Accusation against Kevin Jauzara

The Holes in LP The Whiskey Lady’s Rape Accusation against Kevin Jauzara

A story circulating the internet has become the latest in the series of attempted or outright rape accusations which has become more rampant on social media, where a party accuses the other of inappropriate sexual behaviour and the use of force to achieve sexual pleasure.

The alleged victims have come out to call out their rapists or violators, leading to a case of defamation of character, and in cases where people are quick to move on from stories on social media, the accused hardly ever gets the chance to redeem himself if he is not guilty, and suffers a stigma which in turn affects hs brand and person.

The story as posted by a Nigerian lady, LP The Whiskey Lady, on 14th of October 2018, posited that a trusted friend of hers who goes by the name, Kevin Jazuara and whose picture she shared on her Instagram page, tried to sexually assault her.

While her account of the event has generated much media attention and having the likes of Linda Ikeji Blog, Instablog and other gossip sites carry the news without proper verification, the claims have been investigated here, and significant discrepancies have been found in the “victimised” person’s account.

Is it possible that The Whiskey Lady fabricated the sexual assault story in an attempt to gain cheap publicity and affection from fellow Nigerians? Especially in this time of “feminism”, “men are scum” and this period when rape allegations are flying all over social media without any proof of it actually happening; a major example is the Unilag Olodo Saga, who was accused without proof, and once he attempted to take the legal route, the accuser was nowhere to be found.

The accuser mentioned that she was “highly intoxicated” and “as drunk as a sailor” when the assault happened. This brings the question of how she clearly remembers everything that allegedly conspired between herself and Kevin. Understanding how weak she claimed to be, how did she also muster the strength to try to put her finger in his butt hole when all his weight was on her. This would have been more credible if she had stated that she tried to poke his eyes as that’s more easily accessible for a girl as drunk as a sailor… but the butt hole?

Usually, rapists get aggressive once they are not having their way and might even resort to beating up their victims, but we will assume that Kevin was not that kind of person, especially as one of the commenters on Instablog stated that she was “really surprised with this story. In fact, I’m ‘shooketh‘…Kevin is my friend. He’s a decent person, loves his space and privacy. I’ve been at his for long hours and never did he force me into any sexual activity. Reading this now is literally making my head spin.”

But we can’t help but wonder how this lady escaped from the scene despite her level of drunkenness. How was she able to run away, get the keys to his car and drive herself home? How did he get his phone and car back since she threatened him endlessly in this post against the next time they see? Why are there no screenshots of the WhatsApp and Instagram messages of the accused begging her and requesting to see her?

These and many more are the questions that beg for answers. This story is porous enough and heavily plagued by gaping holes in this account, and until the accuser provides credible proof and undeniable pieces of evidence of being assaulted, this story should be taken at face value.

Since this seems to be one of the proven ways to get cheap publicity, it becomes imperative that both members of the opposite sex try as much as possible to avoid scenarios or occasions where their name can be dragged in the mud for reasons like this. Rape is a very big issue, and not one to be handled lightly. Hence, legal actions should also be taken to address all forms of malicious accusations from parties who disguise as friends and “homeboys”.

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