Ogbonnaya Obi visa agencies in lagos

Ogbonnaya Obi – Corporate Travel Management Consultant

Ogbonnaya Obi visa agencies in lagos

Ogbonnaya Obi – Corporate Travel Management Consultant

“With a bachelors in Government and public administration one would think Ogbonaya Obi would take to boardroom, public office type jobs, but has found a successful career in the travels and tours industry, clinching a strong niche in Corporate travels management.

A relationship Manager and strategist, with a flair for innovative thinking, engaging strategic interest and closing deals, Ogbonaya obi is presently the Group General Manager of operations for World Travel Shop(WTS),which he joined in 2013.

The visionary Ogbonnaya Obi and his team saw a future in corporate travels management and did not hesitate to build on it, and so it was that eazi-trips, where he also serves as Managing Director was launched in 2015
Being in the travels and tours industry for quite a long time;11 years part time and full swing, since the last 5years and counting, it is no doubt that Ogbonnaya is a wealth of experience in the business.

The services his company group offer are all centered on customer satisfaction. His business group is an enterprise which assists clients in bagging great cost effective deals and runs a 24hr support service for corporate clients, this being In addition to international and local flights services, bookings and reservations for both hotel/accommodation and holiday/tourist activities, airport transfers/pick-ups and drop-offs, meet-and-greet, and protocol services. And with about 1500 hotel listings available from the group’s network of hotel suppliers, it is not a challenge getting good bargains and pocket-friendly hotel quotes for clients anywhere around the world.

The vision-inspired eazi-Trips, was created out of zeal to stay competitive in a continuously evolving industry and technology. It was established as a part of a Travel group, to cater for the multifaceted segments of the travel booking/agency Industry.

Eazi-Trip provides online services where customers have the opportunity to do their bookings and reservations by themselves and stress-free too. As a Business-to-consumer model enterprise, eazi-Trip is a subsidiary of WTS which on its part, adopts the Business-to-business model, and which is also an existing family business that has thrived through many years.

Together, these form a high delivery and competitive travel business group which not only holds sway in the aspect of Corporate travel management, but has laudably sustained itself, not by a reinvention of the wheel but rather by adopting best business practices as well as tapping early enough into new tested trends of the times, especially in the aspects of technology and information, and service efficiency for optimum customer satisfaction – which is the key objective of this organization, while keeping everything savvy and up to par with present world class standards.

Adding to his merits, Ogbonnaya recently bagged a degree in a business course at the Pan Atlantic University.

Having a great admiration for the Nigerian Fashion industry and how well it is thriving, the patriotic, Lagos Business School(LBS) alumnus, likes to dress up and mostly in Nigerian made clothes. His flair for Nigerian fashion is glaring in his knowledge and patronage of a good number of Nigerian fashion designers.

Counting his milestones and more to come, Ogbonnaya Obi, a true Nigerian gentleman, is the spirit for satisfactory corporate travel management.”

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