6 Reasons to Use Polaris Bank Debit Cards

Here are some of the reasons to use Polaris Debit Cards

6 Reasons to Use Polaris Bank Debit Cards

There are different Polaris Debit Cards designed to meet your needs and suit your lifestyle. They include the MasterCard Standard Naira Debit Card, MasterCard Platinum Naira Debit Card, Visa Naira Debit Card, Verve Debit Card, MasterCard Gold Debit Card, and Polaris Picture Card. These cards are linked online and are connected to your bank accounts, making payments most convenient for you. All transactions made either within Nigeria or outside the country are reflected on your account as quickly as possible.

Here are some of the reasons to use Polaris Debit Cards:

  • Access: Get 24/7 access to your accounts with no delay. The Polaris Bank Debit Card allows you to make quick payments directly from your bank accounts, an ATM, local merchants, telephone orders, online etc.
  • Leverage on product discounts – With your Polaris debit card, you can get discounts and offers on products and services partnering with Polaris bank. You can shop on Priceless Africa at a lesser cost and get full access to Verve rewards.
  • Unlimited payment channels – Instead of the long bank queues, the debit cards offer you the opportunity to make payments using the different channels. The Debit Card is linked to your accounts, making it easy to use globally and on all channels (ATM, POS, and WEB).
  • Security check – The Polaris Debit card ensures that your card is secured from online scams. It features Chip and PIN technology to help guard against unauthorized transactions on all channels. You also have a second level authentication for online transactions on all cards (MasterCard SecureCode and Safe Token).
  • Easy Payment Method – You do not need to carry cash around with the Polaris Debit card. Your card ensures you can shop anywhere in the world. Make payments for goods and services and get them to your doorstep from international shopping websites such as Amazon, Walmart, ASOS, eBay, Victoria Secret and so many more.
  • Free card issuance and renewal – Customers with the Polaris Bank Platinum Naira Debit Card get the added benefit of having their financial burden lifted in the process of getting a new debit card or renewing it. All stages of the card issuance are free and come at no cost. The cards are also valid for three years.

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