10 Imperatives of Great Leadership” by Paul Adefarasin

10 Imperatives of Great Leadership” by Paul Adefarasin

“10 Imperatives of Great Leadership” in the “Something is about to happen” series. Preached by Senior Pastor of House on The Rock Church, Pastor Paul Adefarasin.

Leadership in this contest means a cause to progress, to move along one’s way or along one’s journey with a destination in mind. In this message, Pastor Paul discussed some important imperatives, attributes, traits and skills that are essential to great leadership. The main scripture was taken from Ephesians 1:15-19 (KJV)

A leader must be able to see. Not just with the two eyes in the front of the face but with the eyes of the intellect. A leader must be a seer, he must be able to see a future in the midst of failure, he must be able to see glory in the midst of grief, he must be able to see beauty arising from the deplorable circumstance of ashes. A leader must be able to see the divine order in the midst of chaos and good coming out of what the enemy has intended for evil. A leader is not deterred by circumstantial issues, it is the circumstances or scenario that provokes the leaders to arise, and that is why leadership is necessary.

Christianity, the greatest faith community on the face of the earth was built on the greatest sacrifice of all of the time where God sacrificed himself through the Incarnation as an example and then as a propitiatory price for the procurement of our salvation. Jesus did not start sacrificing on the cross, his sacrifice begun when the father asked within the Godhead, “who shall go for us and whom shall we send?” and Jesus answered, “here am I send me”. The sacrifice started then, because for him to come and redeem us of what the prophets and  messengers could not do, he had to divest himself of
his glory.

Service is always predicated on other mindedness. If you’re going to rise to become a great leader you cannot think about yourself first. You’ve got to think about others first. If you’re going to be great at what you do, it’s going to require you to be a servant. All genuine great leadership is first servant leadership. If you’re going to be mega, you have to be a servant. Your life must be given to serving.

Simplicity is the ability to take complex matters, ideas and make them very simple. So that the simpleton in your audience or amongst the team that you lead can grasp and grip the concepts easily.  But often in the church and in the world, we do the opposite because of inferiority complexes. We take simple matters and we make them complex. The greatest teachers are often the ones who are able to make the most profound thoughts very simple. Jesus was a masterful teacher because he was able to take the complex, and through metaphors, he would simplify the understanding for his audience. He would take something that you knew, use it as a metaphor to explain something that you could not know. If it’s Christ that’s being delivered, it’s delivered in simple terms. Even the most profound wisdom is shared in simple terms.

If you’re going to be a leader, you need a certain level of sophistication. Sophistication means you can handle a varying degree of matters, issues and problems. Sophistication is something you develop with time through diligence and exposure. If you cannot comply,  you cannot lead. You must have the sophistication such that when people step on your toes in various spheres and levels, you don’t react, you lead. Leaders don’t react, boys do.  Leaders look beyond the fault, and they see the need. They address the need and are able to see a quality in the rough diamond and in the trash. A leader sees the need behind the fault so he looks past the fault, fixes the need, so he can help them to overcome the fault, and then engage them in usefulness in service.  

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